About Daydream Junk

Daydream Junk is a one woman owned and operated vintage and retro clothing resale business from Columbus, Ohio. I started this business in May of 2020, after growing up going to thrift stores and charity shops and realizing I have a knack for finding hidden vintage gems. Daydream Junk strives to serve as a place where people of all sizes, backgrounds, and styles can find unique vintage and retro clothing and accessories to suit their taste. Since the whole world of 'Vintage' is  history itself, it is imperative that as a lover of all things vintage, Daydream continues to celebrate and preserve the style of the time and never the values and outdated beliefs of the era. 

Daydream Junk also values giving new life and purpose to clothing that otherwise would have been discarded. Clothing and accessories are sourced mainly from estate sales, last-stop thrift outlets, and even some donations by friends and family. Fast fashion is not sustainable for many reasons, but buying secondhand can help to offset those environmental implications by preventing an item from ending up in a landfill, especially vintage items that are considered by many to be valuable pieces of history! 

Along with vintage clothing, accessories, and homegoods, Daydream Junk also offers handmade jewelry, clips, and home decor. Crafted primarily from resin epoxy, these crafts are all inspired by the pop culture of yesteryear. Stars from the 50s-90s serve as muses for my work and I credit them all for inspiring me to always express my true self. 
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